October 2018

Praise for The Cry


“The Cry is BBC’s second best drama launch of 2018. Synchronicity Films’ four-part psychological drama, adapted from Helen FitzGerald’s novel of the same name, peaked with 6.1m (30%)in its opening minutes. The Cry won the 9pm slot against ITV’s Vanity Fair which grew by 100,000 to 2.3m (12.1%) for its penultimate episode.”
Broadcast Now


“The Cry looks set to be a convincing psychological thriller, easily as compelling as its barnstorming predecessors… There is promise in the examination of the media circus clearly about to gather around the family, the cult of motherhood and the pressure to join it, and the splintering of relationships under pressure. I’m in. With gin.”
Lucy Mangan, The Guardian


“This was quality stuff, wasn’t it? Subtle, nuanced, a psychological thriller that built suspense while tapping in to the worst parental nightmare: a stolen baby (apparently). Jenna Coleman’s portrayal of Joanna was raw and resonant…”
Carol Midgley, The Times


“…there’s no denying the potency of the central proposition. Coleman is equally convincing as a cold and wounded victim and as a failing mother who has one memorable outburst on the long flight to Australia aimed at the smug, tutting fellow travellers.”
Jasper Rees, The Telegraph


“A slick and slow-burning psychological drama that nicely fills the ‘Bodyguard’ gap
There’s plenty to explore in all the central characters. And its examination of society’s unrealistic pressure to conform to an “ideal mother” template… might generate as much debate around the social media watercooler as Bodyguard.”
Jeff Robson, The i


“The Cry is a brilliant, gobsmacking drama, empowering the audience by taking away the liberation of perspective, balancing our natural response to emotionally feel the tragedy by forcing us to rationalise it. This extraordinary, moving production is sure to be one of television events of the year.”
Luke Buckmaster, The Guardian Australia


“The Cry is exactly the sort of top-quality, psychological thriller that our discerning audience craves, and we are excited to be the exclusive home of ‘The Cry’ in the U.S.” – Jan Diedrichsen, general manager of Sundance Now
Stewart Clarke, Variety